Day 232: Port Removal

Back at HSC CancerCare Clinic#1 today to have the port removed. The procedure is quick and we’re only there for 45 minutes from check-in to leaving the building.

After a brief wait at the reception area I’m called into the procedure room. Pat, the nurse looking after things gives me the rundown on what will be happening and I sign the consent forms and change into a gown, top only. A brief wait while they are finishing with the guy ahead of me and them I’m on the table and the procedure is under way. After a bit of poking and prodding at the port they declare that it has moved about 90ยบ from when it was inserted and that the will need to make a new incision for the removal instead of going in on the original incision. OK, that brings the total number of scars for this whole episode to four.

After two injections of some good drugs I can’t feel anything in the area of the port but I’m wide awake and will remember everything. After a fair bit of reefing, tugging and I guess some cutting it’s out and stitches are in with a dressing on top. There was no overhead mirror (just as well) so I didn’t see the work being done or what the incision will look like so all I get to see so far is the final product.

Dressing on top after the port removal
Dressing off

p.s. Hair is coming back, everywhere on my body. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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