Cycle 6 – Day 21: End of Chemo & YANT (yet another new test, at least for me)

The big day is here! The Chemo cycles are officially over and I’m looking forward to getting a few things back like my immune system, normal blood work, my full energy level, and my hair (or what’s left of it 🙂 ).  Next milestone will be the PET scan on November 1st, and the subsequent doctors report.


In the mean time, just to keep things interesting,  last Thursday an MRI was requested and that took place today at 7:30 p.m. This was a 1st for me that I can add to my repertoire of medical experiences along with CT, PET, MUGA, MIBI etc.   Things went super smooth & fast and the folks were very nice. They warn you that it’s loud, which it is, and that it shakes a bit, which was very good to know in advance. So, after getting ear plugs and headphones it’s into the tube. The whole thing took about 20 minutes. The 1st part had all kinds of different loud sounds, move movement in & out and a fair bit of stationary. For part 2 they wing you out of the tube, inject some contrast via the IV and then back into the tube. More different loud sounds and some more movement and then it’s all over. From checkin to checkout, 45 minutes.

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