Cycle 6 – Day 4: Sleepless & Waiting – Updated

Last night was the usual interrupted sleep. I think I was up 4 times for the bathroom as the increased water consumption and the drugs seem to keep you pretty “busy”. ¬†Thanks to the prednisone it takes a long time to fall back a sleep each time. I just lay there thinking about all sorts of random things but eventually I drift off for 1-2 hours before the next “awakening”.

And now its waiting. Waiting for the PET scan and the result review with the oncologists in about 7-8 weeks. Seems like a long time right now. Trying to keep positive and in faith about the results.  Psalm 103:3 and Psalm 91, especially Psalm 91:16

Update: The wait is not as long as I estimated. My PET scan is scheduled for November 1st and the oncologist review will be shortly after that.