Cycle 5 – Day 21: Blood work & Dr. Visit

Nothing to exciting to report today, just the (now) usual blood draw for lab analysis to make sure I’m “OK” for Cycle 6 tomorrow. It’s quite the process of talking to various folks after getting the blood done. First there is the nurse who does the vitals and asks a number of questions. We discuss the cold I’ve had for the last 2 weeks, doesn’t seem to be too much f a concern. Then there is the doctors assistant who asks all the same questions in a bit more detail plus a little poking and prodding of my various lymph areas & my stomach/bowels, plus some stethoscope listening. Pretty thorough all in all. Then finally the oncologist doctor pops in, asks how I’m doing and if there are any questions. We talk about what’s next.

4-6 weeks after the end of Cycle 6, some time in late November or early December there will be a PET scan to see the status of the cancer. I’m believing it will be totally gone and treatments will be over. After that it’s periodic monitoring for some unspecified amount of time.