Cycle 4 – Day 17: CT Scan

Today is the CT scan to check up on the effect of the chemotherapy.

This is a CT scanner, but that’s not me

Just in case you’ve never seen or experiences a CT scan, this is what they look like. I’ve had a couple now so the process was familiar and went smoothly. The nurse that started my IV for the contrast injection was a riot. He had a constant upbeat banter with me and the other nurse he was working with. Interesting that this time after a 4 hr no eat, no drink rule I was asked to drink 2 large glasses of water right before the scan. Previous scans didn’t do this.

Today, I also broke a cardinal rule. I left the house in sweat pants, something I’ve told Shirley to never let me do. I never want to be “that guy” with the baggy, dumpy grey sweats roaming around in public. Now, these were quite nice Bench sweats in a tasteful dark blue colour that, I think, fit quite nicely. All the same I only wore them to the hospital and straight home where I changed back to jeans. Why the sweats? Well, if you show up for the CT scan with no metal in your clothing, you don’t have to change into a really stylish hospital gown 😉

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