Cycle 4 – Day 1: Half Way

Today marks the half way mark in the planned treatment program and we’re back in the chair for another chemo treatment.

Strangly, it’s getting harder to do. Physically, things are pretty good but psychologically I’m less and less “up” for the process. Perhaps the seriousness of the situation is sinking in. Last night’s sleep was restless and I think with all the benedryl I’ll get today it’s likely that I’ll be taking it easy for the afternoon. Either that or because I’ll be jacked up on Prednisone I’ll be washing the car and doing all kinds of stuff around the house. 😳💪

The IV is hooked up and the pre-treatment stuff is flowing in.

The retuximab injection is next.

You know the chemicals are serious stuff when the nurse is fully gowned and wearing gloves just to carry the drugs from wherever they mix up the concoction to my chair side.

I napping in the chair for a good part of the treatment and before you know it, I’m done.

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