Cycle 1 – Day 15: Hair Part 2

Thanks to Des who made the hair cut an enjoyable and fun event. You are so compassionate, caring, encouraging, loving and kind and made what might have been a bit of a traumatic event into a fun family time, thanks!. And here are the photos!

The barber at work
The close-up


Cycle 1 Day 15 – Hair

Well today is the day where my hair and I have decided to part company. Actually, I didn’t agree to that but it just decided to do it all by itself. The Kojack cut is imminent. Not sure if there will be pictures right away. Perhaps after I get used to it and it’s a bit tanned.

I can’t help but noticing bald guys right now. In fact while sitting around waiting for some blood work this morning I saw a guy with a shaved head and a tan and it looked good. Hope I look that good too!