So, what lead up to Day Zero? How did I get here? Some seemingly normal events turned out to have a very unexpected outcome, a cancer diagnosis.

In February I had a cold/flu that was hanging on longer that most that I’ve experienced but that wasn’t the main issue. I was having left shoulder pain, mainly in the 1-2 hours after going to bed. This is the shoulder that I dislocated in 2005 while mountain biking on the Maah Daah Hey trail with the boys. I had assumed this was just payback time and arthritis had set in, but the x-ray said “no”. However, the pain persisted and so did my Dr. visits. Each time I’d mention my shortness of breath and cough which was attributed to getting over the cold/flu. In hindsight all of these symptoms are linked to the cancer tumor. On the May 10th visit another chest x-ray was taken and that’s what really kicked everything into high gear.

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